AnimeTomb Rules
Chat Rules:
1. SPEAK English only.
2. No Discrimination of ANY kind will be tolerated. You don’t have to agree, but you need to tolerate other people’s opinions.
3. No Porn or Hentai.
4. No Flaming.
5. No Trolling.
6. No Spamming.
7. No advertising of other anime streaming / downloading sites, or sites with adult content. However sites pertaining to current conversations that are not listed as against the rules are ok.
8. No outright disrespecting of the mods (we’re sensitive too, you know).
9. Please, no spoilers, we all want to be surprised too.Anons: We all need to be respectful to Anons if they wish to remain anonymous, that is their choice. But of course, we highly encourage any Anons around to register and make yourself an account to chat with us publicly known. Which you can do by simply clicking HERE. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s free and has lots of benefits.Chat Moderators: Moderators may not delete someone’s post unless it is something inappropriate in either a verbal sense or a sexually explicit sense. However in the event that a dispute breaks out between users ( if a mod is involved as well), THEY MAY NOT DELETE ANY POSTS PERTAINING TO THAT INCIDENT. This, and any other kind of deletion is considered moderator power abuse and should be reported.Generally, mods will give out 1-3 warnings before they will ban. Of course in the case of more extreme rule breakage, the 1-3 warnings will be ignored and to be disruptive, they have the right to ban.Your ban will be lifted within 24hrs or a little more, so don’t ask to be unbanned. If you believe that it was unjust, however, contact an admin or the mod that banned you. If you believe that a mod is abusing their power, you can contact an admin by using our contact page and specifically tell us the problem. We will being an investigation to see if your claim is true.